Anonymous asked: "Is ur boyfriend angry about ur jd obsessions ?"

I do not have a boyfriend/girlfriend at the moment anon but when I did, no, he didn’t care. He made fun of me for it sometimes, but no it never made him angry. That’d be a bit of a warning sign ;)

Anonymous asked: "I live in a 3rd world country far away from johnny's world in fact first country he had been to, philippines i know i can never meet him"

At least you have access to his films and his interviews, that’s a bright side :) And you know how much he adores his supporters so even if he can’t get over there to visit you all, know that he appreciates you and I’m sure would love to visit all of us, he just can’t, unfortunately. 

But if I happen to meet him, I’ll be sure to let him know about his fans in the Philippines :)

Anonymous asked: "Is it possible mortdecai will be a box office even though there is no big views in the trailers & lion's gate is not doing a good campaign? I think it will be an another depp flop again"

I’m really not the right person to ask about that. I’m like Johnny, I prefer to remain ignorant of box office numbers, flops, successes, etc. It’s not like it will affect Johnny’s career either way and it won’t affect whether I like the film or not if it is or is not a success. Just go and watch it and if you like it great, if you don’t, that’s ok too! Don’t focus on the business, appreciate the art :)

I was tagged by perfectly-depp. Thank you!

1. Favourite song? 
It changes, but currently it is ‘Bonfire Heart’ by James Blunt!

2. Last thing you ate?
Butter chicken and rice that my roommate made for dinner last night :)

3. Favourite colour?

3. What was your childhood nickname?
Banana (my name is Alanna, real original classmates…)

4. What’s your best friend’s name?

5. What’s your favourite quote? I have two! Sorry!
'Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.' - Hunter S. Thompson

'What's the point of breathing if somebody tells you the difference between an apple and a bicycle? If I bite a bicycle and ride an apple, then I'll know the difference.' - Axel Blackmar, Arizona Dream

6. Do you sleep with your doors open or closed?

7. Who would you like to see in concert?
Marilyn Manson with Johnny Depp on guitar ;) and in the front row so I can witness all that Johnilyn action up close

8. Favourite Johnny Depp character?
John Wilmot in The Libertine

9. Who’s your OTP? 
Jamber. NO WAIT Johnilyn. Fuck I can’t decide. Jamberlyn? Also Sherlolly, Sparrabeth, Delena, and probably more I can’t think of atm. 

10. Any phobia?
I thought I was scared of heights and then I went skydiving so I guess I’m not anymore so not really, no!

11. Iron Man or Thor? 
Iron Man

Anonymous asked: "Do u know that was emma roberts? Haha johnny's kid in blow"

I did know that, in fact! Very cool because Johnny is a big fan of her dad and worked with him once in like the 3rd movie he ever did :) but yeah she was adorable and perfect in Blow!


We’re still not over the trailer for Tim Burton’s latest film Big Eyes

The exact moment when everyone’s heart shattered watching Blow.

posted 15 hours ago

I’m watching Blow with my roommates and the ending with George in the prison yard just I’m fucking crying I can’t right now